Death is a word that is not used often in homes. It is lonely, depressing, and unforgivable in some cases. It comes into you and surrounds you and makes you feel alone. Crying is regular and really, you never know what you are crying about.

But why does death have to be depressing, hurtful and hard? Why does death have to be lonely? Why is death here? WHY US?

These are common questions when you see your loved ones slip through your fingers. To me, this is a touchy subject. I have seen 3 if my family members suffer through the pain and sorrow. But why mourn when they are somewhere greater? Why mourn when you can’t see them, but they can see and hear you? Why me?

Have you ever seen someone take their last breath? It is brutal and makes your stomach flip. It takes your world and makes it something darker. Light becomes dark.

Then one day the darkness begins to turn around. It is leaving.

Life moves on, believe it or not. Anyways, losing people that you love is hard, harder than anything before. I have seen friends of these people not know what to say and walk away from their friend. I don’t really care if you don’t know what to say. Sorry is a great word. And a hug means a million words. Speak up, speak out, before time runs out.

The Green Project

As I have said Sunday, that I was planning a garden, Friday will be the day of planting. Good Friday is always the mark of potato planting time!

This project will be called The Green Project. This is not going to be any ordinary project though. I will have a complete herb garden that will include many things that will really had some nice flavors to my summer cooking..

Plus a beautiful vegetable garden, with a little fruit here and there.

Wow! It’s already planting season and I’m pumped!

Gardening Time!

Wow! It’s April and it feels like May! Or in other words, its gardening time..

The garden bug got to me about 2 years ago and ever since I have been having huge gardens. My garden was 40 by 40 feet last year!

But this year, I plan on a much smaller project. Yesterday I started some herbs in little soil pockets. The herbs will go beautifully on my dining room table when I put them in a really adorable pot. Another thing is when the herbs are ready, they make amazing sauces, dips, and great additions to dinners!

I will post some pictures tomorrow of the Herb Project!


Someday I’ll be famous. Someday I will be rich. Someday I will be smart. Someday I will live in California. Someday I will get married.

Someday I will have children. And someday, I will be on my own.

Waking up in the morning I say to someday to myself, but why can’t it ever be today?

Mature Up..

This post today is kind of like the sequel to yesterdays post.

Again, you’re 12. I’m in 6th grade, which you probably know, but at this age you should at least be mature enough to have a substitute teacher want to come back. Monday, we had a sub. in P.E., most of the girls acted like they were 5 years old and left class early, without being told. The sub. wasn’t happy and probably doesn’t want to come back. The sub. only told the our teacher two girls were really good, me and someone else.

Number 1, if you are in P.E., there are going to be consequences. We got the consequences today. 10 sprints, 20 super-mans, 20 push-ups, etc., it got worse. After the dreadful full warm-ups (warm-ups are an under statement), we had to do circes. You would run like 20ft. do 10 squats, and go all the way down the room. After squats, we did other things, but all I can really say is that I’m sore..

The criminal of the crime, ended up getting out of class on the 3rd sprint. Mature up.